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What you need to know about a barber’s scissors

What you need to know about a barber’s scissors
There are many types and sizes of hairdressing scissors. A barber scissors distinguishes itself primarily by the model and the steel type.

Hairdressing scissors steels
Generally divided into 3 categories:
• European steel
• Japanese steel (known as highest quality)
• Pakistani steel (scissors look and look the same as Japanese or European models, only cut bad to very bad and have a short lifespan)

Hairdressing scissors sizes
There are different types and sizes of hairdressing scissors. The most common is the barber scissors in the size 5.5 inch . This is the size used by most hairdressers / hairdressers for cutting. Size 6.0 inch or larger against it is widely used to cut the hair with, often used in men’s cut .

Hairdressing scissors types / models
There are many types of models, one looks even more flashy than the other. There are a number of similar elements that you can pay attention to. ao:

• Pink support from a barber’s scissors
For example, almost every pair of scissors has a little finger. Is this screwed to the scissors with a screw thread, we call this a loose little finger support. Is this fixed in / on the model (not screw-on) then we are talking about a fixed little finger support.

• Ergonomic hairdressing scissors
This means that the barber scissors relieve the muscles through the design.
All hairdressing scissors have a different shape. This is necessary because everyone has a different hand and / or fingers. The 1 has thicker fingers than the other. The distance between the eyelets / scissors rings and the shape says how ergonomic the barber scissors are. The eyelets / scissors rings can give an effect of a pre-bent scissors, so that you have to turn less far with your wrist. In addition, there are scissors that are already bent by themselves. Then you have the most ultimate barber scissors with eyelets / scissors rings that can turn while cutting (swivel barber scissors / thumb scissors). Often used by hairdressers who already have muscle complaints due to years of not ergonomic cutting.

• Slicing with a barber scissors
Slicing is the English word for slicing. Nowadays a hairdresser not only cuts, but also lets the scissors cut through the hair. This is not possible with every barber scissors. You need a pair of scissors that is convex sharpened. Japanese scissors are generally convex cut. Nowadays, European scissors are also convex cut. It is said that scissors that are convex cut grind themselves. Unfortunately we have to help you from this dream, this is not true. Convex scissors must also be sharpened as they are used a lot, especially if you want to keep slicing / cutting. Do not sharpen your scissors with any sharpener! See grinding / cutting of hairdressing scissors on our site and / or the article below.
Maintenance of your hairdressing scissors (grinding / grinding shop)
What can you do to keep your hairdressing scissors in the best possible condition?

Make sure your customers have washed hair so that you don’t get all the gel’s and hair products on your scissors when cutting.

Rinse your scissors at the end of the day with hot water, so that any acids that have come on your scissors from various hair products are neutralized.

Put a drop of oil regularly between the pivot point of your barber scissors.

Store your scissors well, so that they cannot fall at an unexpected moment, resulting in a haper (burr) in the barber scissors.

Only cut hair with your hairdressing scissors, no paper or plastic etc.

Make sure your hairdressing scissors are properly adjusted. Not too tight, not too loose.

If your hairdressing scissors starts to cut badly, double hits, then your hairdressing scissors is probably ready for a sharpening turn. If you start to pull a coupe, to pull your customers back while you are cutting, then your coupe is probably ready for grinding. In both cases it is important to go to a good professional grindery. That specializes in grinding convex hairdressing scissors. If you just go to a grinder, you have the chance that too much of your scissors will be sharpened, so that your scissors may already be worn after 1 sharpening turn. There is also a good chance that your scissors no longer have the correct cutting angle, because of which the scissors will not or will not cut / cut. Prevent this!

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