What do I have to look for in motorcycle gloves?

What do I have to look for in motorcycle gloves?

For safe motorcycling is a high-quality protective equipment, an aspect that is too gladly forgotten is that the hands are also an extremely important part of motorcycling and they should be very well protected. Why is that? Simply for the simple reason that the motorcycle ride under 15 degrees there is extreme wind. Especially at temperatures where you would not prefer to ride in swimming trunks, the hands freeze very fast. Then the hands are numb and you can feel no feeling in it.

That can go so far until one can only pull the clutch in pain or operate the gas. In addition, falling in a fall always on his hands, it is a purely human process to intercept with his hands and to have the hands of one of the smallest bones in the human body. These bones tend to rupture easily and if they severely damage their hands by a motorcycle accident, riding a motorcycle in the next few years is not the only problem, but all day life becomes a problem, which can lead to job losses.


Size is extremely important when choosing a Motorkleding glove, because if you choose too small a size your hands become numb after a short time even without cold and they feel no more feeling. This causes the same problem as when your hands freeze while riding a motorcycle. The best way to test the motorcycle gloves on 2-3 smaller trips. If you have chosen the motorcycle gloves too big, it may slip on your hand or you may not have good grip for the clutch or brake. That can then lead to bad accidents. Therefore always pay attention to the correct size of the gloves.


There are various designs of motorcycle gloves, however, are many senseless material designs in the market. The motorcycle glove should be best made of leather, a fabric blended fabric and sewn in the important places leather does it too. But never a pure textile glove. In the case of a fall, leather simply still protects the best. These leather gloves are not particularly expensive, cheap start already at 20 €.


The motorcycle gloves should not only look good but also protect very well. Therefore, one must be careful to have suitable protectors in the gloves.

You have to weigh whether it is more of a light glove for small errands, then just enough then an abrasion-resistant material such as leather. Or whether the glove should be for a long motorcycle tour, then it should already be a glove with hard shell protector. The glove should be provided with hard shell protectors, because they protect your bones from breakage in case of a fall. It is important that in any case, the knuckles of the fingers are provided with protectors. In addition, the palm of your hand should be protected with a protector. It is best, of course, if the remaining part of the glove is made of leather.

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