The little white dress is the summer equivalent of the little black dress. It is therefore essential to have in his wardrobe!

Trendy little white dress: This is the indispensable piece of summer! + Shopping selection

The little white dress is the summer equivalent of the little black dress. It is therefore essential to have in his wardrobe!

The advantage of the white dress is that it can be declined to infinity. There are some very elegant ultra chic models like very casual models. There is something for all tastes and all shapes!

You can also wear the white dress day and evening . We can even choose the same model by accessorizing it differently it can adapt very well.

The advantage of the white is that it is a color (or not color for some) that adapts absolutely to all skin tones from lighter to darker. There is not one skin color that does not show off. This is not the case with black in summer, which may not really favor very light skin …

On this site I decrypt the trends of the moment as much as the timeless …

How to wear the little white dress in summer?

The little white dress is so simple. This is the most obvious option in summer. We do not have much to think about how to dress. Just put on the dress to make an outfit. Of course, the neutrality of its color makes it marry with accessories of all possible colors! So much so that she is often chosen by bloggers:

Bloggers wear the little white dress in all its forms …

As we can see in bloggers the little white dress is very easy to wear especially if we choose accessories in the same colors … A lot of them have chosen to wear it with shoes (especially sandals) ) nudes and a little pouch with neutral tones …

A touch of color side accessories to highlight the little white dress
The white dress is so elegant that it is also worn by many personalities including the one of which we copy the looks at the slightest appearance!

This is Kate Middleton . The Duchess of Cambridge loves white dresses ! So much so that she wears it as soon as she has the slightest opportunity.

We will remember this model in particular against the Australian brand Zimmermann. This dress known so successful that it was also greatly copied by fast fashion brands around the world.

It should be noted that the young woman wears the dress here very casually with suede sandals with woven wedge heels. However, it can be enhanced simply by high heels.

My shopping selection of the most beautiful white dresses on the web!

There are white dresses of all shapes, of all materials (I prefer cotton for this one) and also to all budgets!

So to help you in your quest for the perfect little white dress … I made you a selection of the most beautiful little white dresses on the web !

Moreover, many are very small prices even sold! Oh I admit there is also a playsuit and a jumpsuit that slipped into the selection:

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