Top 5 Countries to Visit From Pakistan
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Top 5 Countries to Visit From Pakistan

Ummm If you’ve always thought that flying out of Pakistan is an expensive business and that you would have to scrimp and save to get an international getaway, we’re going to quash your misconceptions. We have a list of countries that you can visit from Pakistan without making your pocket flimsy. Forget about the swanky vacations to USA and UK and start packing your bags for a felicitous trip to these countries. These places will give you the wanderlust with a reasonable price range.


Thailand, cheap holiday destinations Thailand is the most travelled tourist destination for budget-friendly people and is the 20th most populous country of the world; it offers you interaction with friendly and gregarious people. It’s a country filled with diverse activities to experience. Starting from clubbing, diving into turquoise watered beaches, devouring on cheap street food, the chaotic markets where you can find anything that interests you, the night skyline, the authentic spas to relax your senses and last but not the least the polite and easy-going people of Thailand. Some of the few places that one must visit include Bangkok for its city parties, Pattaya for its nightlife, Chiang Rai for mountain trekking, Koh Samui and Krabi for the beautiful pristine beaches. It’s an all in one tourist destination. 


This enormous country with large, intricate buildings and astoundingly rich history will capture your eye in a fraction of a second. Take out time to delve into the lesser known places of China because there is plenty to discover other than the large cities. China is a fascinating country with an ancient civilisation it all falls under your budget. One of the few places to visit in China is The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Wangfujing Place and The Temple of Heaven. From strolling in busy streets, shopping and having traditional succulent meals to having a peaceful walk near the lakes of China and wandering in the well-manicured gardens, you will have the best of everything. The mild climate makes it an ideal place to visit during any time of the year. Your bucket list will be incomplete without visit this artistic country. 


UAE is the middle class tourist hub for pakistan because of the affordability and the amount of pleasure it provides to the visitors in terms of desert safaris and desert camping, shopping, swimming and diving in Fujairah to float in the waters of Gulf of Oman, indoor skiing and wayfaring on the beaches to rob your troubles. Two places that you can’t miss visiting are Dubai to have a tour of the world’s tallest pre-eminent building Burj Khalifa and Abu Dhabi for the glorious white marble domes and mosques. 


Several international destinations in the world will fit into your wallet and Turkey is another one of them which exhibits an Eastern charm. Bordered by eight countries and surrounded by three seas, Turkey has a fascinating location. If you’re a history maniac, Istanbul is the right place to be for its valuable historical background. Also called ‘The land beneath the half moon’, Turkey is a country of many worlds with intriguing cultures, scintillating mosques and palaces, ancient cities and delicious food that you possibly can’t take a pass at! Places you can’t miss visiting in Istanbul are The Kabak Bay which is a sea surrounded by valleys with jaw-dropping views of the Mediterranean and steep cliffs and hills covered in pine trees and herbs, the butterfly valley, Cappadocia which has been formed after a volcanic eruption and has horse rides and air balloon rides and last but not the least is the grand bazaar where you get everything at bargained prices. It’s a place with impressive landscapes and mystical valleys, and we can assure it’ll be love at first sight in a place like this one. Do visit Turkey for a low-cost international travel. 


Sharing borders with Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei, Malaysia is in the equatorial region of the globe. The tropical rainforest climate covers this land throughout the year. If you are someone looking mountain ranges, forested hills and coastal plains, Malaysia is your destination. The Megadiverse country is estimated to contain 20% of worlds number of species. Hosting a wide range of Rafflesia genus, Malaysia is home to the largest flower in the world. Are you a foodie? Then this is something you must never miss. With the exotic dishes that has a blend of Indian, Thai and Malay cuisines; Malaysian food reflects its multi-ethnic culture. One of the gazetted festivities of Malaysia is Thaipusam with colourful, exhilarating and joyous celebrations. 

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