Marble, the trend you don't expect from fashion
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Marble, the trend you don’t expect from fashion

The new fashion trend is  marble . 
Used for furnishings or for floors, marble has always been labeled as a ” luxury ” product. 
Therefore, fashion houses have decided to take advantage of this property to make use of it in clothing and accessories.

As it is heavy for consistency, it is today used above all for buttons or small accessories. If finely worked, with a thickness of two or three millimeters, it is definitely lighter and can be used for small bags such as clutches and clutch bags . 
The most used and sought after are stone materials such as marbles, onyxes, granites and stones, which in addition to possessing perfect modern and electric shades, are also decidedly easier to work with.

Marble: Where does this trend come from?

It all started with  Manuela Falorni , owner of the company  53.0 . The company deals with marble processing and was founded two years ago in Campi Bisenzio, near Florence. 
The creative director of the brand Aigner , Christian Beck , decided to include cube-shaped applications in the clothes to be presented to the MFW and also decided that they were in marble. He then turned to Manuela Falorni, who, happy with the idea, continued to make clothing accessories to present to large fashion houses. 
Only a few brands today have joined this new trend as Salvatore Ferragamo. The cost of using marble it is very high, in fact the cost of a single marble button is around 5 euros.

Marble: Alternative 

As an alternative to marble , garments with textures and patterns inspired by marble return to trend. From accessories such as bags, earrings and phone cases to real clothing lines. 
Marble, as we know, always gives that luxurious and modern look that marks the color in keeping subtle veins, like painting, so as to give an ideal and presumptuous style. 
The cases for the phones are very refined, the essential colors are light gray, dark gray and pink.

Duster coats and skirts are even more used, but many dresses are also available on the market, from the longest to the shortest.

Marble: How to combine it?

We then asked ourselves how this particular trend can be worn , with which accessories and with what style. 
Although it seems difficult to understand right away what could be good and what not, marble always puts intelligent answers to a messy outfit . 
In fact, to dampen the colored tone of a particular clothing a bit, it will be appropriate to use the marble texture to make the outfit more austere and more serious. 
When considering the colors to match this fantasy, the use of marble must be taken into account.

So NO to:

  • bright colors
  • purely summer colors
  • intense colors

It will be fair to use the basic white or black, with shades tending to gray, to finish in the so-called pastel colors. So, if you want to wear a skirt with white marble texture with pink veins, you can complete the outfit with a pastel pink blouse, or with a t-shirt. Absolutely not recommended to use clothing with logos or writings.

Finally, to wear marble properly , it is important to know on what occasions to wear it. 
Certainly in formal and refined contexts, it will look good. In a different way, if worn for a walk by the sea, you will be so bon ton , but absolutely out of place. 
Attention also to shoes.
Prefer sandals, if in summer, and dancers if in winter. Heels only if necessary and preferably thin heel that makes the design of the marble more full-bodied .

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