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Make purchases on the web e-commerce

Hi everyone, today I would like to talk about e-commerce. They have been around for a while but despite everything there are still people who can’t use them or find them unreliable: nothing could be more wrong because they are the future of our purchases. There are also many search engines on the Internet that find a product at the lowest price all over the web, comfortable tools that can help us in our research.

How do you see if an e-commerce site is reliable? First you need to see if the site is known or not. If it is known and on the Internet there are many reviews of satisfied customers, then it will be reliable otherwise we have to search on Google for the company or the company that manages it, usually indicated in the footer of the homepage of the site Ecommerce Shop Development name. Furthermore we can see if on the site there are brands such as Very Sign (reliability verification company), credit card brands or customer assistance such as toll-free numbers or other contacts (VAT number etc.).

When you make a credit card transaction, buy a PostePay or other prepaid card so you don’t risk the bank account.  In addition, always make sure that the address https: is in the browser address bar and has a valid certificate. If this is not the case, better to desist from buying on that site. We can also search Google for keywords such as “opinions name of the site” in order to find the opinions of customers who have already used that site and regulate us. Some of the reliable sites, in my experience are:


One of the sites I’ve tested the most. Really full of articles and a toll-free call center. They offer order over the phone.


This is also a misterprice company and a great site. Call center with toll-free number for assistance.


Excellent e-commerce site with many brands and products. I don’t know if you have direct or online assistance.


Site different from a normal e-commerce but really has a myriad of used and new products (also spare parts for electronics) and a lot of sellers. Excellent ones with the Top Reliability mark.


Amazon is a very famous brand in the world for its global e-commerce. Reliable and has products such as books, vinyls, electronics, etc.

There are also many search engines to find a specific product on the Internet at the lowest price like Google Shopping (the best) or So I recommend you learn how to shop on the Internet, get a prepaid PostePay and start your purchases, it will be worth saving for your wallet too!

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