Which is the best mobile operating system between iOS or Android? Of course both are good with individual prospective views.As experienced i,we are here to help you know which platform is better.

Let us compare Android and iOS with some of their features:


iPhones don’t have akeyboard of a lowercase letter, butwhen it comes to Android,the keyboard is little better than iPhone with lowercase letters, swipe gestures and even we get punctuation on the same display.Any how the latest modelof iPhone are having lowercase letters as well. On the other hand, Android has more additional features in keyboard as compared to iOS


Android’s inbuilt music player is cool. But when it comes to iOS, some of the top companies have developed superior quality music players for iOS. So when comparing,iPhone Music Play is good compared to Google Play Music.Let me explain why? iOS well integrates downloaded music with Apple music.


When switching between contacts, we need smooth and easier navigation, in this case Android is real winner as its contacts with large photo makes it easier to find who you’re looking for.


When it comes to search part, Googleis bread and butter, but Apples spotlight search has more stuff than Google does.

Voice search

Android voice assistant types how you talk. But Apple’s Siri has a fun personality, which understands natural language better than Android.

Maps (navigation)

My  opinion is that Apple is some what in the backseat in beating Android in maps.

Google map is the best map app designed ever. When we speak nativity it will go a step forward in showing exact locations. So Android takes another chance to win over iPhone.

Text messenger

When it comes to text messaging, the iPhone is far better than Android since many  developers  designed high quality text app for iPhones. You can send free text messages and voice messages to other apple customers even from MAC. The Android messenger app looks pretty good,but not up to iPhone level.


There is no doubt that both are good OS , but in some points iOS is good, in some features Android is good. When we speak about the number of users, Android is first, because of its affordability. When it comes to high end users, the iPhone is first, because of its high quality.

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