How to choose the perfect jeans?

Nowadays, all fashion brands offer jeans and not just specialized brands. This leaves us the embarrassment of choice … But is this good for all that?

Having a choice is not the ideal solution to choose. Indeed we are often drowned in the face of too many proposals without knowing which option to guide us …

So I will help you choose the right jeans according to several criteria:

  • Your morphology
  • Your personal tastes and trends
  • Your wallet (it’s important)

About ten years ago we were all convinced that it was necessary to put more than 200 € in jeans in order to have a quality jeans but above all to wear a fashionable brand. It was a real heresy that fortunately was out of breath. 

How to choose your jeans according to your morphology?

As you already know no woman is alike … We have a different morphology. It is therefore necessary to dress according to this one to flatter our silhouette. This data is of course also to take into account for the choice of the ideal jeans that will really highlight you.

Reminder of the different types of morphology

Already using this drawing, try to identify what is your morphology. Basically it’s about determining where your forms are simply distributed. Once you have found, it will help you find the right jeans for your figure!

Here are the different types of jeans currently on the market:

Different types of jeans available depending on their shapes (Esprit)

Now let’s see together which jeans to choose according to its morphology:

Skinny Jeans – Jeggings – Slim:
  • Good for rectangle, hourglass, eight and triangle
  • Not recommended for inverted pyramid and oval

Visually: The jeans emphasize the hips and lengthens the legs. It emphasizes the slightest imperfection of the body by its molding side, forgive nothing.

Boyfriend jeans:
  • Good for hourglass, eight, inverted pyramid and rectangle
  • Not recommended for triangle and oval

Visually: They hide the narrow hips and underline the size, mask the possible defects of the legs. It gives a flat aspect to the buttocks and cuts the height.

Straight jeans (straight):
  • Good for hourglass, eight triangle, inverted pyramid and oval
  • Not recommended for rectangle

Visually: It can hide a few extra pounds. It does not draw attention to the belly and hips. Not too recommended for very thin women as this may accentuate the “lean” side.

Bootcut jeans: 
  • Ideal for oval, rectangle and triangle
  • Not recommended for eight and hourglass

Visually, the jeans camouflage the defects especially the rounded thighs. To lengthen the silhouette, it is more than advisable to wear it with heels.

How to wear jeans by being trendy?

Let it be said the jeans are timeless and therefore a must in the wardrobe. Therefore never a jeans will be really old fashioned. Just take it in a classic form, not too much destroy (whether by rips or color)

Jeans worn by bloggers in autumn winter fashion with high heels

Jeans are therefore always trendy and go through the ages. So how to wear it? It’s simple just choose a neutral base (black, bleach or crude) not too faded and accessorize the best possible. I slipped you several photos that will allow you to inspire you whatever the season …

High waisted jeans worn in a classic, trendy or casual way
Jeans worn ultra trendy!

Choosing a trendy jeans is expensive?

It was a persistent rumor 10 years ago, a jeans had to be expensive to be of quality and trend. This is absolutely not the case! Indeed you can find jeans at very affordable prices. The jeans canvas is a very solid material so you do not have to worry about quality in general. As for the trend just choose your jeans according to your morphology and trends …

The Esprit brand offers  quality women’s jeans from 49 €. We find all forms of jeans currently available on the market (see photo above). Personally I have a clear preference for their skinny jeans in raw and black version. They are easily married with any type of dress or more casual outfits … So you will find on jeans that suits you among their selection …

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