How to become a Swimming Instructor? The 5 Steps

If you love this sport and you want to know how to  become a swimming instructor  in the first place it will be fundamental: the basic knowledge and the most advanced techniques, the ability to motivate the athletes and have excellent communication skills. 

To  become a swimming instructor you will have to follow the training established by the Italian Swimming Federation , go to the FIN office nearest you and find out about the starting dates of the courses. Once you have obtained the patent, you can specialize thanks to the various refresher courses. Now let’s see what are the steps to overcome:

Step 1 : attain the qualification of Instructor Instructor , attending the relative course. The participation requirements are:

  • be 18 years old on the date of the exam session;
  • have a junior high school license;
  • absence of criminal convictions;
  • medical certificate of good health

Step 2 : To access the course you will need to demonstrate that you know how to perform the 4 styles correctly (perform 25 meters for each butterfly style, backstroke, frog, crawl) and all the aquatic skills needed in the execution of the dive, dive test, in the demonstration of underwater swim and in the test of floating with bicycle. You must get the minimum score for all the tests at least 8 points in total.

-The cost for participating in the practical admission test is € 50.00 (non-refundable in the event of failure to pass the exam).

Step 3 : The course costs € 510.00, lasts about three months during which elements of educational psychology, motor skills and teaching will be taught, experiences of training in the tub, teaching of elementary swims and salvation. Therefore foresees:

• 48 hours of theoretical lessons and 8 hours of practical lessons

• 50 hours of practical training at a Federal Swimming School, to be completed by the date of the exam

Step 4 : The exam consists of a written test (50 multiple choice questions to be completed in 40 minutes) and an interview with a commission. To take the exam it is necessary to have attended the lessons assiduously (at least 75% of the total number of hours).

In case of inadequacy, it is possible to repeat the exam within one year. In case of further non-suitability it will be necessary to repeat the course.

Step 5 : In order to practice as an instructor, once the exam has been passed, it is necessary to classify it in the federal ranks, which provides for a payment of € 70.00, after which the Instructor Student license is issued.  

The Trainee Instructor license allows you to teach swimming in a Federal Swimming School under the supervision of a Coordinator and does not allow you to enroll in higher training courses (coach, fitness instructor, etc.). 

To become a swimming instructor without limitations and to enter higher education courses, a Basic Instructor license is required .

The course aims to deepen and consolidate the knowledge and skills previously acquired. You will have to attend the 56 hours of practical and theoretical lessons and the 50-hour internship and the cost is around 500 euros. It will be possible to enroll only 6 months after obtaining the student instructor’s license but before 3 years have elapsed, otherwise the title will expire and will no longer be valid.

Obtained the Basic Instructor’s patent (consult the list of Regional Committees to obtain contacts) you can achieve the following qualifications:

First Level Swimming Trainer : guarantees a general scientific and technical training, notions on the basics of sports training and a specific address on the preparation of training programs and the training of youth teams. Enable to follow the competitive youth activity on the competition field .

Second Level Swimming Trainer : after passing the first level you will be able to access it, the course guarantees general scientific training, specific notions about sports training and an address on the preparation and training of absolute teams. Enable to officially follow all the competitive activities . 

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