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How to become a Personal Trainer?

A new profession, the personal trainer , was born in Italy a short time ago , since it is a novelty but a precise training path has not yet been established. In this short article we will explain you how to become a personal trainer today .

The most frequent question is: Can I attend courses and become a personal trainer without graduating?

To be immediately recognized as an expert, even if it is not compulsory, it is important to obtain a   three-year degree in  Physical activity and sports sciences . Only once you graduate will you be a kinesiologist: you will therefore learn about the movement of the human body You will be able to work on improving posture, weight loss and toning up normal and disabled people.

If your wish is instead to continue your studies, you will be able to undertake the master’s degree course in  Sciences and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Motor Activities  or in  Advanced Sports Sciences and Techniques . 


You can become a personal trainer without having graduated by attending specialized courses  and  masters  taught by schools affiliated to institutions  recognized by CONI(Italian National Olympic Committee). 

course to be complete should last at least 50 hours because, in addition to the theoretical part of communication and sales , the practical part is essential You will work as an apprentice alongside personal trainers in sports centers or gyms to better learn this profession. 

Depending on your goals and your preparation there are many courses you can take. The general instructor course, the most specific one for personal trainers (they are the longest and cost from 500 to 600 euros), courses on nutrition, on post-physiotherapy functional recovery, to specifically train a woman at different stages of her life (female training), courses to train those with various types of diseases and many others

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