Gloves: Tips for the right purchase

Gloves: Tips for the right purchase

Fingers are tools on the mountain: They hold sticks, mount climbing skins on touring skis and fix crampons to the shoe. With the fingers we type in the case of the case also the number of the mountain rescue into the mobile phone. They want to be protected accordingly, especially in the cold season.

For ski touring, tobogganing or cross-country skiing multisport gloves are mainly used: These are mostly made of a mix of leather and synthetic fibers and have little or no additional insulation. As long as you are on the move, you still keep your fingers warm enough. Thanks to the thin materialand the exact fit you can grab them very precisely. In case of severe cold, it makes sense – especially for rest breaks and the downhill skiing -, in addition even more insulating gloves or mittens with dabeizuhaben.

Multisport gloves
The palm of a good glove is made of sturdy suede leather

The perfect fit has a glove when it nestles like a second skin around the fingers and join in every movement, without wrinkles .  At the point when winter comes or you purchase a couple of Driver Gloves or Mechanic Gloves, a couple of gloves might be your closest companion. The more precisely the fingertips are worked, the more precisely one can carry out fine motor work with them. Above all, the choice of material determines the skid resistance: with high-quality rawhide leather or a synthetic counterparton the palm of the hand, you can grab vigorously without slipping off.


Multisport gloves
Components of a multisport glove


  • What I want? Thin gloves promise good handling, but are not that warm. Thick insulated gloves or mittens are inferior in grip and must be pulled out when photographing or operating small buckles. It takes several models to be prepared for everything.
  • Gloves stretch slightly during use. Therefore, do not buy too big.


  • Before use impregnate gloves for better dirt and moisture repellency.
  • Remove dirt after the tour with a damp cloth and dry at room temperature.
  • For coarser soiling or once a year, clean the gloves in hand wash with a little mild detergent and wring slightly.
  • Then re-impregnate and treat the leather parts with wax or balm.

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