D&G from Italy to Islam with the Abaya collection

Dolce & Gabbana s since the 80s have accustomed us to important choices and buzzes, today they peep out with the new Abaya collection and it’s all a shouting, especially on the web and in the fashion environment.

A few days ago the company posted on its social media the capsule dedicated to Muslim women who rightly have the right to be fashion with an Italian brand.

Certainly we will not be the first nor the last to talk about this stylistic choice but we still want to have our say.

For some years Domenico and Stefano had accustomed us to a certain sense of patriotism and Italianness … in fact the latest collections overflowed with Italian art cities, love for Sicily, handmade embroidery and hatred for mothers.

Today, however, the maison has decided to peep into the hostile as “more than ever current” Islamic world with the Abaya collection, which takes its name from the dark and long tunic worn by Muslim women.

It has been estimated that in 2019 Muslims will spend about 484 billion dollars in clothing, footwear and accessories, compared to the approximately 300 billion dollars spent in 2014, so the burqa pulls ..

The market is vast and the brands love to push into new frontiers and carry their word around the world, but in fact the hijab or the veil with which many Islamic women cover their heads will be worth more or less these figures … it seems.

Small personalized note

If you are born in a social context where from an early age you grow up telling yourself that you will wear a veil, you do it, if you rebel you are all your cocks … then you put it, for culture and tradition, but it is right that an Italian brand that carries around Does Made in Italy match a culture so different from ours? 

Obviously the models wearing hijabs are cool and super-equipped, with hot sandals and reptile bags with hand-embroidered tunics, veils and rigorous dresses, they wear eye-catching and daisy-studded sunglasses, they love prints on precious fabrics that become coy and sexy.

The dresses are vaporous and the neutral colors focus on black and beige, alternating with prints of flowers and geometries.

Honestly, this new Islamic frontier has not thrilled me, not so much as taste but as a thought for which I want to make populism and say: “to each his own culture !, we are Italians, we eat pasta and pizza, we love Florentine lace , we have lemons and the sun, the Mediterranean … can we sell the burqua fashion to the foreign market?

Let’s see how the sales will go with the Abaya collection.

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