Dental instruments used by the dentist and his assistant
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Dental instruments used by the dentists

The dental instruments are very specific, developed to meet the needs of the dentist, in the most diverse specialties, such as surgery, periodontics and orthodontics. Always Buy Dental Equipment from authentic dealers like Hunza Dental.

He dental instruments used by the dentist and chosen with discretion by his assistant are aimed at improving and perfecting the most diverse procedures performed in the dental office. Currently, the instruments are very specific, developed to meet the needs of the dentist , in the most diverse specialties, such as surgery, periodontics, orthodontics, implantology , among others. Among the main instruments , we have the instruments for clinical examination, the instruments for general procedures, instruments for exodontia, instruments for endodontics, instruments for periodontics, among others. 

However, to . It is for the dentist to visualize in detail the conditions in which the patient’s mouth is located CLINICAL CLIP The clinical clamp assist the dentist in performing his or her professional duties, the ASB / ACD (Dental Assistant / Dental Assistant) must have been trained to handle such instruments , knowing how to identify them quickly , to assemble the trays according to treatmentbeing developed by the dentist. In other words, it is the Dentist Office Assistant knowhow to efficiently implement the professional during patient interventions. 

“In the case of clinical examinations , one of the instruments most used by dentists is the mirror . This has the function of enabling the professional to visualize in detail how the patient’s mouth is, “says Professor Carolina Wolff Schwambach Gomide,
Main dental instruments:

The mirror is used in clinical examinations, can be flat or concave, to increase the reflected image

is used to pinch materials , such as cotton rolls, and bring them to the patient’s mouth. 

The exploratory probe is used to detect caries or any other change in the patient’s teeth. DRAINER OR DENTAL SPOOL The excavator is used to excavate carious material to assess the degree of damage caused by caries. Stiletto The Hollemback is suitable forto insert paste material , such as dressings and resins, into the tooth cavity. CARPULE The carpule is a syringe suitable for administering anesthetics to the patient. METAL CUBAS during a patient care session. They have varying sizes and may or may not have partitions to separate the materials in them. FORCEPS SET The forceps

The metal tanks are used for the placement of materials such as iodized alcohol and saline solution, made in stainless steel, with varying sizes and shapes. 

The metal trays are made of stainless steel, suitable for the placement of the instruments that will be used

are used for the extraction of milk teeth and the various types of definitive teeth, the mandible and the maxilla. 

The bits are used in the material removal caries and preparing dental restorations for receiving cavities. There are suitable drills for the coupling in the high rotation pens as well as for the coupling in the micromotors, of low rotation. 

The cutting are sharp-pointed instruments, suitable forfinish the walls of the wells that will be restored. 

The applicator is used to place Calcium Hydroxide in the tooth cavity, easily and efficiently. 

Spatulate presser 
The spatulate pushers are used in fill dental cavities that are being treated with dressing material or sealing cement such as zinc oxide eugenol more. 

In addition to the numerous instruments highlighted above, other essential for the work of the dentistare part of the routine of the dental office, such as condensers, burners, resin spatulas, matrix holders, retracting threads, suture clamps, suture threads, and so on. 

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